Ainsdale Village Church

A warm and welcoming Christian community
in the heart of Ainsdale Village.

About Us

We are a happy and lively fellowship in the heart of Ainsdale. 

We are a Bible-based church built on love & friendship and our mission is to serve and care for others in the community as well as spreading the message of Jesus and to join together in praise and worship of God.

You are warmly invited to join us each Sunday morning for worship at 9:45 a.m

Who's Who?


Church Secretary

Church Treasurer

Serving Deacons

General Roles

Reverand Peter Lyth

Mrs Jenny Boulton

Mr Daniel Doyle

Mrs Imelda Aspinall

Mr  Peter Aspinall

Mrs Beverly Bush

Mrs Kath Eccleston

Mrs Joan Green

Miss Lucinda Green

Mrs Alison Hayhurst

Mrs Christine Holford

Mrs Brenda Porter

Mrs Christine Williams

Mr Colin Ambrose

Mr Alan Boulton

Mr Paul Green

Mr Jeremy Lister

Mrs Mary Whitehead

01704 211919

Safeguarding Officer

Fabric Steward

Hall Lettings Coordinator / Publicity

Synod Rep

CTiA Rep / Church Mission / Youth / Team Ministry Rep

Church Mission / Youth / Publicity 

Pastoral / Administration / Charity Coordinator

Pre-School Liaison / Pastoral

Team Ministry Publicity Officer

Pulpit Supply Coordinator / Church Mission 

Church Organist

Project Management Coordinator


Lay Preacher

Garden Treasurer

A Union of Two Denominations

We are proud our of ecumenical partnership and value the input from both Baptist and United Reformed traditions.
If you would like to explore either tradition further you can do so by clicking on the links below.