Ainsdale Village Church

A warm and welcoming Christian community
in the heart of Ainsdale Village.

Connect is a youth group for children aged 7 to 11 (within school years 2 to 6).

We meet each Friday in term time from 6pm till 7:30pm.

There is free time to enjoy the toys and games, a fabulous tuck shop and an awesome programme of activities including a time of worship each week.

The group is run by members of the church and we aim to provide an opportunity for children to learn about God and the Bible in a fun and interactive way. We also encourage children to explore and develop their own ideas about faith. 

If your child would like to join Connect you can find our welcome info here. 

Churches Together in Ainsdale - Christmas Card Competition

Design a front cover for this year’s Christmas Card, based on the theme of the Nativity. The winning design will feature on our cards which are delivered to every house in Ainsdale.

How to enter: Print off an entry form and draw your design. Post your entry in the box at Ainsdale Methodist Church (by the Village Green) during the following times;

Monday – Friday 9:30am – 3:30pm, 7pm – 8:30pm

Sunday 10:15am – 12:30pm.

(The box is inside the porch leading to the church lounge/halls.)

Notes: The competition is open to primary school children in years 3 – 6. Entries will be judged and a winner chosen by a group of representatives from the churches.

Closing date: Sunday 21st October 2018 (Friday 19th October for school entries)

Good Luck

Safeguarding at Ainsdale Village Church Youth Group

We believe that children deserve the best care that the church can provide and that and it should be a safe place for everyone involved. That is why we have produced our own Safeguarding Policy which applies to all children who attend our Church and Youth Group. On the Church Vestibule notice board you will find our Code of Conduct which all our volunteers adhere to and must sign. Those who lead and help at the Youth Group, from the Fire Officer to the Tuck Shop helpers are there to protect your children in a fun environment with a Christian ethos.

If you want to read more about our Safeguarding Policy, just ask one of our volunteers who will let you read the Code of Practice which we keep on the premises.

There are rules regarding ratios of children to helpers for different age groups, so our Church Deacons arrived at a ratio of 7:1, i.e. 7 Children to one Adult. That does not mean that one adult will continually follow 7 children around; it is an average and in addition to the Registration people and Tuck Shop Assistants. This provides added safety for your children.

You will see a list of volunteers for our group. This does not mean they will all be present every session. It provides enough people who can give their time to ensure we keep to the correct ratio and keep your children safe. Some volunteers you will see most weeks others not so often. There will also be Fire Drills, for your Children’s Safety and your peace of mind.

Imelda Aspinall 

Safeguarding Officer